Deepshow Be

We are Deepshow
A Belgian kick ass band founded in 2011.

The line up consists of guitarist Rudy Dumont (Orna), Leng Tch’e vocalist Sergeï Kraven, and T.C.M.F.H offsprings Maxime Daubry on the bass, Jason C behind the drum kit and a new second guitarist, Marc Duquesnoy (ex-8 Red)…five down to earth and heavy sound enthusiasts playing the kinda music they’re expecting to hear.

The bands music can be described as “Sparkling Muddy hÔÔvy”…when heavy meets groovy…It’s a mojo thing.
Some folks may compare our sound to Black Sabbath, Down, or even Corrosion Of Conformity…don’t fool yourself, our identity is damn obvious: our own.

We gave birth to a 5 track EP and a music video so far, but our jaw dropping debut album ‘The Spleen King’ have been released in March 2015.
After many live shows in just a few years, we are ready to speed up the rise of the Brotherhood of the holy hÔÔvy.

Currently the band is preparing for recording a new video and a new album, Stay tuned!

Buckle up, we’re comin’ for ya.