🤘Nice deal🤘

In order to avoid the long queues in front of the “tokens” cash desk, we advise you to buy your tokens in advance and to withdraw them quickly at the entrance when your ticket is scanned and you are given your wristband. You will just have to show your identity card at the desk.

Tokens will be 1.5€, so you will need 2 tokens for a beer, 4 tokens for a fries with sauce or a garnished sausage bread. All food and drink stands must and only work with festival tokens.

You also win a nice purse with the festival logo…
Attention the IBAN to make the bank transfer has changed, you must transfer 180€ for 120 tokens before May 9th. To be sure that the money arrives before the start of the festival. DRF asbl-vzw IBAN: BE56 1030 8446 9688.

Thank you for your collaboration and good festival!