Postponed to September 11 and 12 !!!

These last hours have been intense, but we have reached a fairly unanimous agreement in consultation with the authorities, bands and partners. Given the uncertain situation in a month, the least bad solution is to postpone the festival as it is. And the dates which arranged a maximum of bands are September 11 and 12, 2020. A large majority of bands, including almost all the headliners, have already given their agreement (18/24) and will be present on the new dates. Some must decline and will be present next year.
Thank you to the agents and managers for their great flexibility in these difficult times!
For spectators who cannot be present on September 11 and 12, full presale reimbursement is possible until April 4. For the others, nothing changes, the presales remain valid for the new dates.
The new program will be announced in the coming days, don’t panic!
Here is the reimbursement procedure: for presales purchased online via Weezevent, you will be reimbursed directly by DRF asbl. You must send an email to info (@) with an attachment copy of the ticket (s) + copy or photo of the identity card of the person whose name is indicated on the presale. Do not forget to indicate your IBAN for reimbursement.
For presales purchased in Night & Day bookstores, Park Music and the FNAC network, reimbursement where you bought them.
In order to avoid reimbursement costs to the organization, we ask you to first try to resell your presale to those around you (not by internet, there are a lot of scams!).

Thanks again for your understanding and support! We will get there !


Yesterday morning, we were still optimistic, we thought we could organize the festival without problem because spring would kill this damn virus. But today, everyone is getting carried away and it becomes difficult to maintain the 24th DRF on the scheduled dates, just two weeks after the current lock down in Belgium and elsewhere.

We will therefore soon receive the order to cancel the festival or in any case to postpone it to a later date, probably in September.

We will keep you posted as soon as the decision is made in consultation with the authorities and bands.

Thank you for your understanding and support !


Due to the Coronavirus crisis and the possible disruptions to come, the DRF has decided to stop all presales now.
The festival is not canceled and the presales already sold remain valid. No planned group has yet canceled its presence. We hope to resume pre-sales as soon as the situation has stabilized. The arrival of spring should make it possible to see more clearly and we will do everything in our power to keep the scheduled program, on the scheduled dates, and respect the decisions of the authorities.
Thank you for your understanding and support !